Why AlumniPlus?

AlumniPlus has been designed by DTU Business in collaboration with the SIMI Alumni Association and the DTU Business Alumni Association as a response to the desire of alumni to continue their development as leaders.

Extensive interviews with leaders from the alumni groups have revealed a wide-spread desire for:

  • Further development of leadership skills
  • New professional leadership competencies to cope with the present business challenges such as low growth rates and steadily more obsolete products, processes and business models.
  • A well-functioning network for experience and knowledge sharing among peers.

All of this should be tailored to the busy lives of our alumni, delivered at an affordable price and in a context and a network that you cannot find anywhere else!

The seminars and community give you access to exclusive professional input from leading experts about burning current business and leadership issues. The take-away from the seminars will uniquely contribute to solving your own challenges. The seminars will be held in unconventional settings with high-value and easy-to-memorize knowledge and outcomes.

What is AlumniPlus?

To meet these needs AlumniPlus has been designed as a series of one or two day high-level leadership seminars and events. They contain presentations and facilitation by some of the most prominent business school faculty and thinkers. Additionally C-level managers will pitch real business challenges to participants.

The seminars are designed to provide knowledge that is directly applicable to your company. The learning cycle builds understanding of key issues, distills challenges, illustrates outcomes and envisages the necessary leadership actions. In short we keep on honing your analytical skills!

Who Will Participate in AlumniPlus?

AlumniPlus is an exclusive community for Executive Alumni from the two Associations. This assures a parity of experience, which facilitates a high degree of knowledge sharing.



January 20th, 2017

How to Win in an Age of Digital Disruption

Taru Jain

Over the past 20 years Taru Jain has led large digital marketing agencies, helped clients reinvent marketing practices and operating models, built global brands, pioneered start-ups and has generally been a catalyst for positive business change.

Taru has provided Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation and Change Management consulting and training to more than 4,000 professionals worldwide. This includes training senior executives at leading corporations such as Starbucks, Johnson & Johnson, MasterCard, Bloomberg, Sodexo, Credit Suisse, DBS, Oracle, WPP and Leo Burnett, among others. In addition, Taru is a digital coach and consultant for senior executives at leading multinationals. He helps them learn about digitalization on their terms and identify its impact on their business, as well as navigate the multifaceted changes digitalization presents to their organisation.

Before becoming a full-time coach and consultant Taru held senior leadership positions at some of the world’s leading digital marketing and consulting agencies. His previous roles include MD at JWT-XM, one of WPP Asia’s most awarded digital businesses and Head of Digital and Integrated at Y&R and Client Director at LBi Europe (now DigitasLBi).
Prior to that Taru worked with the Lowe (Lintas) group in India and London to help build Unilever’s global brands portfolio in Asia and then at the Global Category level.
Taru holds a Bachelor’s degree with honours in Mathematics & Statistics and a Masters in Management Studies (MBA). He is also a certified executive coach and Google certified in AdWords and Analytics.
He has lived and worked across three continents and helped clients from over 40 countries.

When: January 20th, 2017
Time: 9 – 17
Where: Skovshoved Hotel, Strandvejen 267, 2920 Charlottenlund


March 17th, 2017

Innovation, Invention and Re-Invention – the New Business “Normal” for the Next Decades
A Silicon Valley Perspective

Dr. Carlos Baradello

Dr. Carlos S. Baradello, investor, advisor and university professor. A leading innovation and entrepreneurship practitioner, Carlos draws his understanding from his broad global business and academic experience, deep technical knowledge and understanding of the realities innovators encounter in organizations both large and small. His experience working with hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world has enabled him to gain key lessons for high-growth ventures to scale globally. You can read more about Carlos via his regularly updated blog: www.carlosbaradello.com. These writings are the foundation of his future book titled Soft Landing in Silicon ValleyTM.


Hap Klopp

Hap Klopp, is an experienced entrepreneur, manager, investor and advisor on global business. He founded The North Face and was its CEO for over 20 years.  Presently he is the Executive Chairman of two global companies and a frequent lecturer at major business schools in the U.S. and Europe. Hap is the author of two business management books including “Conquering the North Face—an adventure in leadership” and is now finalizing the manuscript of his third book about the failure of a company in Silicon Valley.


Business and business models as they have been known are dead; constant technological changes, the expanded empowerment of the consumer fuelled by the internet, the digitalization of all businesses and the globally expanded competitive market are transforming businesses forever. Those businesses that anticipate and embrace the change will thrive. Those that ignore and fight it will die. Side by side with the established players, new global enterprises will emerge, seemingly overnight, to further revolutionize the world in which we live. In their daylong seminar on March 17th, 2017 at DTU, Hap Klopp and Carlos Baradello will bring clarity and vision regarding this remarkable, revolutionary turning point in business – a turning point no less impactful than the Industrial Revolution. Only this time it is the next phase of the Digital Revolution.

The speakers, both successful businessmen from Silicon Valley and faculty members at Hult International Business School in San Francisco, will lay out the causes, implications and opportunities posed by this tectonic business shift. Taking highlights and examples from their highly praised classes they will co-teach on Entrepreneurship, Corporate Entrepreneurship and Global Product Development. The two instructors will clarify where business is headed and how to share in the wealth of opportunities this revolution provides. This stimulating, interactive and provocative seminar will challenge the attendees to re-examine every aspect of their businesses, providing them a framework for successfully planning the future. With humor and insights Carlos and Hap will lead this daylong seminar that no one should miss – offering remarkable and valuable clarity in this time of exponential changes, disruptions and the democratization of many industries.

What the audience will gain from the one-day seminar?

  • Understanding of the causes and impacts of the transformational times in which we live
  • The Silicon Valley perspective of the future of businesses
  • A framework for the creation of successful future businesses
  • Understanding of what further sources and knowledge might be required.

When: March 17th, 2017
Time: 9-17
Where: To be determined.


May 17th, 2017

Jonathan Løw: How do You Create the Best Organization for Entrepreneurial Spirit – Cases from a Start-up Environment

Jonathan Løw

Jonathan Løw har opstartet fire virksomheder, heraf to internationale, hvorunder hjælpeprojektet engodsag.dk findes. Mens Jonathan var i virksomheden (2004-2008), voksede den fra 2 til 25 medarbejdere og påbegyndte internationaliseringen til 8 europæiske markeder. Han har derudover været medstifter af bæredygtighedsprojektet Sprout, der bl.a. står bag verdens første blyant, som kan plantes og blive til krydderurter. Jonathan forlod virksomheden i 2013, og Sprout er siden vokset til, at være aktiv i 60 lande med en tocifret millionomsætning. Udover iværksætteriet har Jonathan været ansat som online chef for Bog & Idé, marketingchef hos KaosPiloterne samt rådgiver i investeringsfonden Accelerace. Han udgav i 2014 bogen ”Listen Louder”, der omhandler iværksætteri og innovation, og har indtil videre solgt over 10.000 eksemplarer. Derudover er han redaktør på den meget omtalte GURUBOGEN, der udkom i november 2016. Som rådgiver og konsulent har Jonathan arbejdet med virksomheder som GoMore, LEGO, Hungry.dk, Post Danmark, Danske Bank samt en lang række danske kommuner. Jonathan er tidligere kåret af Berlingske Tidende som én af Danmarks 100 mest lovende ledere. Han har yderligere modtaget e-handelsprisen og Computerworld’s Edison Award for sit arbejde med iværksætteri og social innovation. Han er en populær stemme på de sociale medier og bliver p.t. fulgt af over 20.000 danskere på Facebook, Twitter og LinkedIn.

When: May 17th, 2017
Time: 9-17
Where: Copenhagen area


Strategic Service Design: How to Embed Service Design in an Organization to Boost User-centricity and Innovation

Marc Strickdorn

Marc Stickdorn, Co-Founder & CEO of “More than Metrics”, Editor and Co-author of “This is Service Design Thinking” and “This is Service Design Doing”

With a background in service design and management, Marc consults private and public organizations on service design and innovation around the world. He co-founded two start-ups in the field of service design: Smaply, online software tools for design, and Experience Fellow, design research software for mobile ethnography. He recently merged both start-ups into one software company “More than Metrics”. His book “This is Service Design Thinking” from 2010 is regarded as essential reading in the field. Marc is also an adjunct professor at various international universities.

Marc has published many academic papers, and won awards for best paper, and is finishing up work on his PhD based on design-science research in information systems. Currently, he is educating teachers in Austria in service design, which recently became part of the Austrian high school curricula. When not working Marc loves travelling, sailing and a good beer.

When: October 4th, 2017
Time: 9-17
Where: Copenhagen area


Pricing & Sign Up

AlumniPlus is designed as a not-for-profit activity, so the more members we are, the more we can invest in the upcoming events. Membership is sold as an annual subscription. The annual subscription fee is DKK 9995 +VAT, and for 2016 it comprises, at minimum, two one-day seminars and one two-day seminar with hotel accommodation included. Two of the seminars will be followed by a joint dinner.

Membership will be invoiced annually and should a member not be able to participate in a seminar it can be transferred to a fellow alumni or a colleague with equivalent background.

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